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appleThe Colorado State Board of Education has joined a movement advocating the state pull out of a multi-state testing consortium called — pardon the clumsy title — the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, or PARCC.

The Republican board majority believes the tests represent an intrusion of federal power and wants the state to develop its own tests, even though the PARCC tests haven’t even been given here yet.

“From my perspective, as a long time educator, when we have a federally-funded entity like PARCC, we’ve just legitimized a huge federal influence on what students are taught,” board member Debora Scheffel was quoted as saying on the website Chalkbeat Colorado. “It’s the wrong way to influence student achievement.”

If the federal government were dictating test content or underlying standards, Scheffel would be correct. But PARCC is not a federal power grab.

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