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This is based directly on a letter by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and signed by CEO’s nationally. Click here to see those supporters.

We, the undersigned Colorado business leaders, believe it is imperative that ALL American students have access to an education that will prepare them for the opportunities and challenges they will face after high school. In a competitive world economy where education and training after high school is increasingly the norm for access to good jobs, to prepare students for anything less is, by definition, to deny opportunity.

Unfortunately, today, too few of Colorado’s high school students graduate and, among those who do, too few graduate well-prepared for life after high school. In order to prepare the state’s current students for the challenging world they will encounter, it is critical that we set the right expectations. For this reason, we believe Colorado needs to remain committed to K-12 standards that will prepare all students by the end of high school for success in college and careers.

Until recently, each state had its own set of standards. This has led to a nation with 50 inconsistent standards, even though the expectations of colleges and employers in math and English are nearly universal and are not bound by state lines.

We believe that the Common Core State Standards Initiative, led by governors and state chiefs of education nationwide, has produced K-12 standards in the foundational subjects of math and English that meet the business community’s expectations: they are college- and career-ready, grounded in evidence and internationally-benchmarked. We, the undersigned Colorado business leaders, support the implementation of the Colorado Academic Standards, which incorporate the Common Core State Standards. 

The power of these standards is only fully realized when they are paired with rigorous, aligned assessments that measure student progress toward the goal of college and career readiness. We support Colorado’s commitment to an assessment that provides more meaningful, actionable, and timely information for educators, parents, students, and state leaders to analyze and apply in their decision-making.

The Colorado Academic Standards and their aligned assessments are an important opportunity to set consistent, focused, rigorous expectations for all students; a necessary foundation for making the changes needed to improve student achievement and ensure our state and our country’s educational and economic preeminence.

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