Colorado teaching standards for today's kids

Colorado employers continue to need a local field of well-prepared job candidates. In the long-term, a well-educated talent pool is essential to save our business community money, resources, and time.

The Colorado Academic Standards provide real world skills

The Colorado Academic Standards are more rigorous than Colorado’s old standards, focusing on more critical thinking and problem solving, which are the real world skills that students need to be successful in education beyond high school and in the workforce. Thanks to the new Colorado teaching standards, which include the Common Core Standards, here are skills students will master:

  • Think critically, reason, and make informed decisions

Today’s manufacturing jobs, for example, go far beyond the simple production tasks of the past. Employees must be able to modify and adjust to rapidly changing demands.

  • Communicate verbally and in written form

Colorado’s graduates will be able to write technical and informative reports, as well as present key ideas in front of a broad audience, universal skills that cross industries.

Colorado kids

  • Learn, develop, and apply new skill sets

Graduates will be equipped to easily acquire the necessary skills of any job because of these higher expectations. Simply put: With these new standards, we can be sure that future employees will be trainable to adapt to any skill set and meet their employer’s needs.

  • Reason through the “why” of a process and not just the “how”

In most businesses, the process is as important as the product. Now, by the time they graduate, future employees will have learned how to think about process.

colorado girl with a kite

  • Solve problems through reasoning skills

Future employees will be able to deduce solutions for problems ranging from the assembly line to the corporate sales office.

  • Incorporate technology into learning, problem solving, and communicating

Colorado graduates will be able to use technology to find, apply, and present information to co-workers and their communities.

kid working on a project

  • Actively listen and engage in discussions

Colorado’s students will learn how to collaborate productively and effectively.

  • Use data to make decisions

Data is only as useful as the ability to understand and apply it. Graduates will be able to use data for problem solving and improvement.

  • Self-evaluate performance

Employees will be able to make adjustments for personal growth and increase in effectiveness.

Well-prepared, educated students become high-performing adults. They are the next wave of talent that will fuel the success of individual businesses and our economy.